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Wave Springs

Wave Springs

Our wave springs can be used in almost any application. Savings of up to 60% during installation & smaller assemblies.

Retaining Rings

Retaining Rings

Multiple types of Retaining Rings are available & are widely applied to Pressure Gauge, Gear Assembly, Connector,....etc.


Wave Springs | Spring Manufacturer - Tech Spring / TSI / TSMC

Tech Spring Manufacturing Corp. is one of the prime precision springs | spring manufacturers based in Taiwan since 1987.

ISO accredited and manufacturing all types of springs, stamping molding and assembly of metal parts to Europe, USA, UK & Australia. We are specialized in the manufacturing, designing and analyzing all kinds of spring, such as wave springs (including of compression wave spring, wave single turn and nested spring), linear expander, retaining rings (including of internal, external, single turn and more turns), constant force spring, power springs (including of general and prestressed types), etc

Tech Spring / TSI / TSMC has been offering customers high-quality precision-made springs, both with advanced technology and 31 years of experience, Tech Spring / TSI / TSMC ensures to meet each customer's demands.

45/55 Ni Cu Resistance Wire (For Springs)

Nickel-Copper Base Wire for wire springs, flat springs and wire products

A Nickel-Copper alloy wire used mainly for its medium range electrical resistivity and very low temperature-coefficient of resistance.
45/55 Ni Cu Resistance Wire is also known as Constantan, Hecnum, Eureka, Ferry, and Advance.

Key Features

  • Low expansion alloy. Maintains near constant dimensions over the range of normal atmospheric temperatures.
  • Low coefficient of expansion from cryogenic temperatures to about +500°C (+930°F). Retains strength and toughness at cryogenic temperatures.

Typical Applications

Power resistors, shunts, thermocouples and wire-wound precision resistors having operating temperatures up to 400 °C (750 °F).

Approx. Operating Temperature

400 °C/750 °F (Maximum)

Chemical Composition

Element Ni Fe Mn C Cu Si
Min % Bal 55.00 nomial
Max % Bal 1.00 1.00 0.10 0.50

Wire Type

  • Round
  • Flat Wire
  • Rope/Strand


  • W.Nr. 2.0842
  • AWS 081