Inconel X750 (For Springs)

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Inconel X750 (For Springs)

X750 is a Nickel-Chromium alloy made precipitation hardenable by additions of Al and Ti, having creep-rupture strength at high temperatures to about 700°C (1290°F). It is widely used for high temperature conditions but is not as strong as Nimonic 90. It can be used for any TSMC spring product such as wave springs, retaining rings and compression springs.
Inconel X750 is also known as Nicrofer 7016, Superimphy 750, Haynes X750, Pyromet X750, and Udimet X750.

Nickel Base Wire for wire springs, flat springs and wire products

Key Features
  • Good creep rupture strength at high temperatures
  • Not as strong as Nimonic 90
  • Very good at cryogenic temperatures
  • Age hardenable
  • High temperature dynamic applications
Typical Applications

Nuclear reactors
Gas turbines
Rocket engines
Pressure vessels
Aircraft structures

Approx. Operating Temperature

-200 to +370°C
-330 to +700°F

Chemical Composition
Min %70.0014.005.000.702.250.40
Max %
Wire Type
  • Round
  • Flat Wire
  • Shaped Wire
  • Rope/Strand
  • AMS 5667
  • AMS 5671
  • AMS 5698 (No 1 Spring Temper)
  • AMS 5699 (Spring Temper)
  • ASTM B637
  • BS HR 505
  • GE B14H41
  • ISO 15156-3 (NACE MR 0175)
  • W.NR 2.4669
  • UNS N07750
  • AWS 014