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Wave Springs

Wave Springs

Our wave springs can be used in almost any application. Savings of up to 60% during installation & smaller assemblies.

Retaining Rings

Retaining Rings

Multiple types of Retaining Rings are available & are widely applied to Pressure Gauge, Gear Assembly, Connector,....etc.


Wave Springs | Spring Manufacturer - Tech Spring / TSI / TSMC

Tech Spring Manufacturing Corp. is one of the prime precision springs | spring manufacturers based in Taiwan since 1987.

ISO accredited and manufacturing all types of springs, stamping molding and assembly of metal parts to Europe, USA, UK & Australia. We are specialized in the manufacturing, designing and analyzing all kinds of spring, such as wave springs (including of compression wave spring, wave single turn and nested spring), linear expander, retaining rings (including of internal, external, single turn and more turns), constant force spring, power springs (including of general and prestressed types), etc

Tech Spring / TSI / TSMC has been offering customers high-quality precision-made springs, both with advanced technology and 31 years of experience, Tech Spring / TSI / TSMC ensures to meet each customer's demands.

Nilo 48 (For Springs)

Nickel Base Wire for wire springs, flat springs and wire products

A Nickel-Iron, controlled expansion alloy containing 48% Nickel. Its coefficient of thermal expansion was designed to match that of soft lead and soda-lime glasses. This alloy also has a high inflection point.
Nilo 48 is also known as Invar 48 and Magnifer 50.

Key Features

  • Coefficient of thermal expansion designed to match that of soft lead and soda-lime glasses.
  • High inflection point.

Typical Applications

Industrial thermostats that operate at temperatures up to 450°C (840°F).
Glass to metal seals

Approx. Operating Temperature

up to +450°C
up to+840°F

Chemical Composition

Min %48.00
Max %48.00

Wire Type

  • Round
  • Flat Wire
  • Shaped Wire
  • Rope/Strand


  • ASTM F30


  • W.NR 1.3922
  • W.NR 1.3926
  • W.NR 1.3927
  • UNS K94800
  • AWS 092
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  • Multi Turn Wave Springs - Wave Spring with Plain Ends
    Multi Turn Wave Springs

    Multi Turn (Peak-to Peak) Wave springs are formed by stacking successive round edges of wave layers. The peaks correspond to the peaks. Each peak is neatly aligned in a straight line and maintains its overall appearance. Therefore, its performance can be achieved without additional assistance.The elastic coefficient of the Multi Turn (Peak-to Peak) Wave springs is inversely proportional to the number of turns of the spring, and is suitable for a large stroke, low/medium elasticity coefficient and medium/low load environment.Multi Turn (Peak-to Peak) Wave springs can replace coil helical compression springs, requiring only one-half or less of axial space to provide the same force, making them ideal for use in space-constrained environments. It is not only keep the function of the compression spring but also reduces the free high, operating high and closeness.Our Engineering team pride themselves developed production machines and on to offering comprehensive flexible personal services, they will be more than happy to work closely with you from the preliminary design phase to fabrication that meet customer's needs and propose custom solution thru our finite element analysis calculation.

  • Constant Force Springs - Constant Force Springs, Constant Tension Springs
    Constant Force Springs

    Constant Force Springs are generally constructed as a pre-stressed flat strip material that is tightly wrapped around a drum or shaft in the center and the hole in the free end is attached to a loading force like a counterbalance application. As the spool is unwound (deflected), it exerts a near constant force because the geometry of the coil remains nearly constant by the drum.TSMC’s constant force springs offer a number of user benefits: include a constant load at a zero rate, a smooth range of motion, strong force yield within small spaces, extremely long linear extensions possible and store power indefinitely when extended... The constant force spring is an excellent design component for applications where a constant load is required.Basically, the length, material thickness, width, the diameter of the coil and the natural radius curvature all contribute to extension resistance (affect the spring’s load). Additional flexibility in load can be increased by using multiple constant force springs with spool, tandem, laminar, back to back, cavity ,pulley mounting or in other configurations to suit the design situation. The full rated load of the spring is reached after being deflected to the length extended to 1.25 times its diameter.Our constant force springs can be used in many applications include systems that require retraction like cable retractors, door closers, power cords, tape measures, window regulator mechanisms, hose retrievers, space vehicles, gym equipment, counterbalances, toys, electric motors, hair dryers, and other long-motion functions. Also our talent engineer can custom design and manufacture an end fitting for your application

  • Power Springs - Power Springs
    Power Springs

    Power springs are sometimes referred to as clock springs, spiral torsion, flat spiral springs, motor springs or brush springs, they are made by tightly winding a spring material on an arbor in a circular case and attaching the free end to a metal or plastic case which is designed to store and release a rotational energy in the form of torque, that makes up a power spring are able to offer a high force output with very small space requirements.There are two basic types of power spring-" Conventional Power Springs" that has a shape which spirals away from center in the same direction as it is wound, where the advantages are lower stress, best cycle life and easiest to manufacture.Alternatively, the Prestressed Power Spring has a portion of it's shape that spirals in the reverse direction of winding, it can creates higher stresses which result in higher torque output up to 25% than a conventional power spring, and also yields a flatter torque gradient.Both methods have their advantages and the best option varies depending on the application and requirements, often, these springs are designed for customer specific applications and are used in the automotive, aerospace & defense, medical, industrial, electronics markets and commercial goods. Custom Power Springs and Conventional Power Springs are available at TSMC, our experienced engineers can assist you select a spring design to meet your space, life cycle, load and operation requirements.

  • Precision Stamped Parts & Custom Metal stamping - Precision Stamped Parts & Custom Metal stamping
    Precision Stamped Parts & Custom Metal stamping

    TSMC is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of high micro precision parts, or called precision metal stamping, we can formed many different shapes from round, rectangular, flat, wedge materials and many custom requirements.We manufacture parts for many of a broad range of customer applications and offer a vast variety of size and material. Ranging from small parts 0.05mm of width and 0.02mm of thickness, available material in stainless steel and exotic metal alloys, along with our in-house surface finish or assembly work also engineering support from the preliminary design to fabrication.Backed by our extensive experience, remarkable of engineers and the latest equipment, we have the capabilities to manufacture custom metal shapes and parts for a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, marine, medical and construction industry and more.Years of design and manufacturer expertise enable us to meet the needs of the world's most demanding applications as well as custom metal stamping.

  • CNC Wire form Parts - CNC Wire form Parts
    CNC Wire form Parts

    Wire forming is made by the specific configuration of the spool. They can be used in almost any form, and springs of this type are usually custom-made and can range in size from very small to very large. The wire can be bent, cut, wrapped around, shaped into a closed coil, and additional parts can be added, as well as anything the customer can think of.Typical materials range from steel and steel alloys to aluminum, brass bronze, stainless steel, etc. If you have other materials demand, you can choose the material that best suits your needs from our library of materials.

  • Double Torsion Springs - Double Torsion Spring
    Double Torsion Springs

    Torsion springs are a type of coil or helical spring that react to applied rotational forces, providing torque or using stored rotational energy when the spring is set, as the ends are rotated in angular deflection, commonly used over a supporting mandrel or arbor. Thus it is also referred to as helical springs. Torsion springs are commonly made of carbon steel or stainless steel because of the stiffness of the material.At TSMC, we manufacture premium quality custom torsion springs in an array of sizes, materials, and thickness to suit any application. A great majority of our torsion springs are close wound with minimal tension between the coils, but can also be manufactured with an open wound body. The direction of the wind can be designed in left or right hand wound in a variety of deflection angles and the legs can be at any position and style such as straight legs and multiple leg bends with short hook, straight offset, hinge, straight torsion. Spring configurations are available in single coil or double coils forms.In addition to offering various for single torsion springs, we offer custom double torsion springs, the characteristic feature of dual torsion spring is that they have two separately sets of coils section, one is wound in clockwise direction and the other wound in an anti-clockwise direction that connected to the same center axis and work in parallel. The total torque of a double torsion spring is equal to the sum of the individual springs.Because their unique properties make them perfect for any applications, they are typically found in all major home appliances, automotive, medical equipment, aerospace devices, electronic, consumer products and more, whether you have it working in a clothes pin, hinge springs, door locks, electrical switches, window shades, ceiling light fittings, etc.Being one of the experience design and manufacturer company, we can custom make the highest quality of torsion spring for your exact needs and specifications.

  • Extension Springs - Extension Springs
    Extension Springs

    When the tension spring is formed, the spring coils generate a compressive force with each other. When the tensile force acts on the spring, if the force is less than the compression force of the spring, the spring will not deform. If the force is greater than the compression force of the spring, the spring begins to deform. The tensile load corresponding to this compressive force is the initial tensile force. The initial tensile force of the tension spring depends on the type of material, the diameter of the material, the winding ratio of the spring, and the processing method.The end shape of the tension spring is mainly a hook ring. These hook rings are bent by the end spring ring or material. When designing or selecting the end structure, the installation method, installation space and load property of the spring in the mechanism are mainly considered. And other factors, as long as all conditions are met, try to choose a simple mechanism shape.Semi-circular shackle: bent by half spring at the end of the spring for space limited applicationsTorsion round shackle: It is formed by bending the spring end to the center, forming a high stress outside the bending and twisting, which is suitable for a large winding ratio and a small load environment.Eccentric round shackle: It is bent by the end coil. The shackle is located at the tangent position of the edge of the spring ring. Due to the eccentricity of the load and the 90 degree bending of the root of the shackle, the spring is subjected to a large load stress.Rotatable shackle: The relative position of the shackles at the ends can be in a straight line or at 90 degrees to each other, or at any desired angle.If you have a special need for tension springs, our experienced engineers will design (including load and service life and other characteristics) and manufacture products that meet your company's needs.

  • Compression Springs - Compression Springs
    Compression Springs

    The cross-section of the spring material used for the compression spring is divided into a circular shape, a rectangular shape, and a multi-strand shape. In recent years, in order to improve the utilization of the spring material, a pipe material is also used. In order to improve the fatigue strength, the cross section of the flat material is also gradually expanded.The compression spring has a wide application, and the spring has sufficient clearance between each turn. The gap can be shortened after compression, and the original length is restored when the pressure disappears. In order to increase the contact area of the spring, the ends of the spring are often flattened.The compression spring is generally of equal intercept. In special cases, there is also an equal intercept. When the compression spring is equal to the intercept, its characteristic line is linear. When the intercept is not equal, the characteristic line is nonlinear.TSMC produces pressure springs of various sizes and shapes, such as straight barrels, cones, barrels, etc. If you have special needs for compression springs, our experienced engineers will design for you ( Including load and service life and other characteristics), manufacturing products that meet your company's needs.

  • CNC Lathes, Precision Turned Parts - CNC Lathes, Precision Turned Parts
    CNC Lathes, Precision Turned Parts

    We have wide variety of precision machining equipment's, include CNC lathes and CNC Multi-axis lathe, It has strong and exactly hardness in mechanical construction, excellent facility to cut and manufacture the sideward cutting, sideward bore and tapping, sideward tread and backward cutting, backward bore and backward tread at the same time.Manufacture the products and contain the, all kinds of auto motorcycle parts, bicycle part, sports apparatus, special screw nut, electronic part, mechanical hardware part of such materials as the stainless steel aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, iron, copper, plastic, etc...