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Wave Springs

Wave Springs

Our wave springs can be used in almost any application. Savings of up to 60% during installation & smaller assemblies.

Retaining Rings

Retaining Rings

Multiple types of Retaining Rings are available & are widely applied to Pressure Gauge, Gear Assembly, Connector,....etc.


Tech Spring / TSI / TSMC Precision Springs Service Introduction

Tech Spring Manufacturing Corp. is Taiwan Precision Springs supplier and manufacturer with more than 31 years experence. Since 1987, in the Wave Springs, Retaining Rings and Constant Force Spring Manufacturer, Tech Spring / TSI / TSMC has been offering our customers high quality Precision Springs production service. With both advanced technology and 31 years experience, Tech Spring / TSI / TSMC always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Nested Wave Springs
    Nested Wave Springs

    Nested Wave Springs is similar to several springs are stacked together to achieve a high load effect. But different to tradition, we directly coiled and stacked layers of flat wire to achieve high accuracy and high load. Under the action of pressing down, the inner diameter and external diameter will become larger and can move freely in the circumferential direction, which greatly improves the fatigue resistance and increases the service life. In many applications, Nested Wave Springs can replace disk spring.

  • Round Wire Wave Springs
    Round Wire Wave Springs

    TSMC Round Wire Wave Springs are manufactured from round-section wire, it can develop higher loads while maintaining the more accurate spring rates. TSMC Round Wire Wave Springs are designed to meet heavy loads and used to get more pretension to prevent vibration. TSMC Round Wire Wave Springs are ideal for limited space application. As an alternative to Belleville or Disc Springs there is a high, accurate force applied with greater suspension travel.

  • Linear Wave Springs
    Linear Wave Springs

    TSMC Linear Wave Springs are a strip-shaped spring by continuously wave shapes, which has the same characteristics of load capacity and deformation as a high-loading device. Acts in the direction of a straight line to generate axial pressure. If TSMC Linear Wave Spring is wound into a ring, it generates a radial or outward force.

  • Spiral Retaining Rings
    Spiral Retaining Rings

    Our Spiral Retaining Rings are manufactured by coiling the ring from flat wire that coiled on edge. The unique coiled-on-edge design provides a gapless ring with 360 of retention and offer space savings in a radial direction since there are No Protruding lugs or ears to interfere with mating components, also No stamped burrs thereby creating a ring with exceptional strength and stability. These retaining rings are economically produced and are ease of assembly that often being more efficient and cost-effective than traditional fasteners or die-stamped circlip. Spiral Retaining Rings are designed for weight and space-saving applications. This form of retaining rings or circlip often used to fasten assemblies on shafts (EXTERNAL type) or inside housings and bores (INTERNAL type). They are ideal for use in pressure gauge, actuator valves, Gear assembly, lock, Pneumatic clutches, (belt) pulley, connector, hose fitting....etc.

  • Custom Retaining Rings and Section Selections
    Custom Retaining Rings and Section Selections

    TSMC's unique edge-wound manufacturing process produces a variety of ring configurations to meet specific application requirements. From raw material selection to our surface treatment, TSMC engineers can work with you to meet your requirements.

  • Double Torsion Springs
    Double Torsion Springs

    Torsion springs are a type of coil or helical spring that react to applied rotational forces, providing torque or using stored rotational energy when the spring is set, as the ends are rotated in angular deflection, commonly used over a supporting mandrel or arbor. Thus it is also referred to as helical springs. Torsion springs are commonly made of carbon steel or stainless steel because of the stiffness of the material. At TSMC, we manufacture premium quality custom torsion springs in an array of sizes, materials, and thickness to suit any application. A great majority of our torsion springs are close wound with minimal tension between the coils, but can also be manufactured with an open wound body. The direction of the wind can be designed in left or right hand wound in a variety of deflection angles and the legs can be at any position and style such as straight legs and multiple leg bends with short hook, straight offset, hinge, straight torsion. Spring configurations are available in single coil or double coils forms. In addition to offering various for single torsion springs, we offer custom double torsion springs, the characteristic feature of dual torsion spring is that they have two separately sets of coils section, one is wound in clockwise direction and the other wound in an anti-clockwise direction that connected to the same center axis and work in parallel. The total torque of a double torsion spring is equal to the sum of the individual springs. Because their unique properties make them perfect for any applications, they are typically found in all major home appliances, automotive, medical equipment, aerospace devices, electronic, consumer products and more, whether you have it working in a clothes pin, hinge springs, door locks, electrical switches, window shades, ceiling light fittings, etc. Being one of the experience design and manufacturer company, we can custom make the highest quality of torsion spring for your exact needs and specifications.

  • Single Torsion Springs
    Single Torsion Springs

    Torsion springs are coiled springs that work by either twisting or torsion, (rotational motion), the ends of torsion springs are attached to separate components which allow for a flexible object to store mechanical energy when twisted. Once twisted, the springs exert torque force in the opposite direction in a proportional amount to the angle that they are twisted. At TSMC we manufacture custom torsion springs from round, square, rectangular and special section wire, the most common material types are stainless steel (type 302, type 316 and type 17-7 PH), music wire, spring steel and hard drawn steel. The spring legs can be at any position and have virtually any bent, hooked, twisted, looped or formed to conform to custom application. Spring ends are available in several standard forms, such as short hook ends, hinge ends, straight offset, straight torsion, special ends, straight torsion and double torsion. Normally torsion springs are close wound but can sometime have pitch to reduce friction between the coils and are left hand or right hand wound, usually is designed to wind up, when the spring winds up, the coil diameter will decrease and the body length will increase. Direction of the wind is determined by whether the torsion spring is made to work in a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation for a given application. Our torsion springs are used in wide variety of industries including Automotive, Medical Equipment, Electrical equipment, Aerospace and Robotic systems, a common example of a torsion spring is that used in a clothes pins, clipboards, door hinges, retractable seating, digital cameras and numerous other uses As an experienced springs manufacturer, we can custom manufacture in a large choice of shapes of torsion springs to suit your design requirements.

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