CNC Wire form Parts

CNC Wire form Parts / Tech Spring Manufacturing Corp. is a high quality Metal Spring Manufacturer in Taiwan, offering Wave Springs, Retaining Rings and Constant Force Spring with good quality and reasonable price.

CNC Wire form Parts - CNC Wire form Parts
  • CNC Wire form Parts - CNC Wire form Parts

CNC Wire form Parts

Wire forming is made by the specific configuration of the spool. They can be used in almost any form, and springs of this type are usually custom-made and can range in size from very small to very large. The wire can be bent, cut, wrapped around, shaped into a closed coil, and additional parts can be added, as well as anything the customer can think of.

Typical materials range from steel and steel alloys to aluminum, brass bronze, stainless steel, etc. If you have other materials demand, you can choose the material that best suits your needs from our library of materials.


Wire Forming

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Corrosion Resistant

Wire for use in corrosive environments such as gases and liquids. Materials which are resistant to chemical attack in acidic, alkaline or complex environments. If...

Electrical and Electronic

Wire used for High Performance electrical and electronic applications (often in high temperatures), selected for their specific electrical and associated...


Wire for withstanding high loads and / or stresses and those with good strength to weight ratios. In many cases, mechanical properties can be further increased...

Water Resistant

Wire which performs well in aqueous environments. Materials which are resistant to corrosion in subsea or other application areas; where exposure to moisture...

Heat Resistant

Wire for use in high temperatures where high strength, creep and stress rupture resistance, oxidation resistance or a combination of these is required. If...

Controlled / Low Expansion

Wire which has a low or controlled rate of thermal expansion at room temperature, often used in metal to glass sealing or electronic applications. If you have...

Electrical Resistance Wire

Wire used where linear electrical resistance can be achieved through selection of different sizes and shapes. Often used in heating elements or resistors. If...

Hot Cutting and Sealing

Wire used typically for packaging and cutting applications. Materials which have electrical resistance properties which allow them to efficiently reach...

Sub Zero

Wire which has good mechanical properties in low temperature environments, typically materials will be ductile in nature and have good fracture toughness. If...

Specific Applications

Wire that has properties that lend themselves extremely well to being tailored to very specific applications; examples might include medical devices or watch...

CNC Wire form Parts | Spring Manufacturer - Tech Spring / TSI / TSMC

Tech Spring Manufacturing Corp. is one of the prime CNC Wire form Parts | spring manufacturers based in Taiwan since 1987.

ISO accredited and manufacturing all types of springs, stamping molding and assembly of metal parts to Europe, USA, UK & Australia. We are specialized in the manufacturing, designing and analyzing all kinds of spring, such as wave springs (including of compression wave spring, wave single turn and nested spring), linear expander, retaining rings (including of internal, external, single turn and more turns), constant force spring, power springs (including of general and prestressed types), etc

Tech Spring / TSI / TSMC has been offering customers high-quality precision-made springs, both with advanced technology and 31 years of experience, Tech Spring / TSI / TSMC ensures to meet each customer's demands.